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Hudson River Ferries

I’ve got a couple of signs that, living next to the Hudson Valley’s Hudson River, I find of great interest and hopefully you will too.
Prior to bridges and tunnels, the only way across the river (if you wanted to bring your car) was by Ferry. And if you were driving around looking for a […]

NYC Sidewalk Vault Lights

As a wee lad growing up in and around NYC, I often marveled at the tiny glass windows set in the sidewalk in front of older stores. I thought them to be coke bottles buried upside down in the concrete. Then I saw one broken out and was able to peek into a […]

As is the way of things, you sometimes need some fresh perspective to see what’s right in front of you. Over my life I’ve probably spent literally hundreds of hours stuck in tunnel traffic. It’s part of doing business in the city unfortunately. What I had never noticed before yesterday though was […]

Even if you’re not familiar with the Municipal Street Sign Company of Brooklyn, NY, if you’ve ever visited NYC, you’ve most likely laid eyes upon some of their handiwork at one corner or another.
They were also responsible for some of the better known symbols of early 19th century NYC. Examples of which can be […]

Now I don’t know if this bumper crop of signal spottage was simply serendipity or was due to my signal frame of mind (was driving out to pick up a mystery signal artifact) and heightened signalsense. Either way I came across a couple of tasty pieces within a few miles of my driveway that […]

Despite my weekly visits to Forgotten-NY, I never knew that Mr. Walsh (the site founder) had once had a blog. For three years from 2003 to 2005. Each year has a different page link but they start here:
Forgotten-NY Blog (year 1)
Definitely worth checking out if you’re an FNY fan.

NYC Subways

Just one of the fascinating accounts of the dangers of subway construction at the turn of the century:

“The first accident occurred in 1905 during the construction of the Battery-Joralemon street tunnel of the first subway. As frequently happens, a “blow-out” took place. That is, the compressed air found a weak spot in the roof of […]

One of the absolute MUST-visit-on-a-regular-basis websites is Forgotten-NY. Kevin Walsh has been documenting the remnants of New York City’s past for almost 9 years now (since March ‘99). From surviving examples of old architecture, turn of the century light posts still in use, hidden alleys and other ‘forgotten’ nuggets of NY’s history, hiding […]

I’ve always preferred the older state route signs over the US Shield type. I like a nice US Route sign as much as the next guy, but something about the individual state signs really does it for me.
Here’s a recent addition to my collection that I received from a friend, Lary Brown. It’s […]