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Hudson River Ferries

I’ve got a couple of signs that, living next to the Hudson Valley’s Hudson River, I find of great interest and hopefully you will too.
Prior to bridges and tunnels, the only way across the river (if you wanted to bring your car) was by Ferry. And if you were driving around looking for a […]

NYC Sidewalk Vault Lights

As a wee lad growing up in and around NYC, I often marveled at the tiny glass windows set in the sidewalk in front of older stores. I thought them to be coke bottles buried upside down in the concrete. Then I saw one broken out and was able to peek into a […]

The shape of things to come?

“The shape of traffic lights has barely changed since they were invented—there have always been three round lights: red, yellow and green. Initially, the sections were round simply because this allowed the spherical bulp inside light the glass evenly.
Today traffic lights use superbright light diodes that can be arranged in any way. And the sections […]

Women in traffic

In today’s age of modern ideals and social empathy, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that things were not always so. Women have had to fight tooth and nail to gain the rights that men have always had. So it’s always heartwarming to see pictures from long ago of pioneers in the field of […]

Some might say that Art Frahm was a perv with a very narrow kink. There are others who say the moon landings weren’t faked. With such conflicting and diverse opinions, who are we supposed to believe?!
Well rest your weary brains right here my friends. No further thought is necessary. Just look […]

Odd signage

I hope to never be in the place where they found it necessary to erect the following sign…

Although I imagine this would be a great way to keep the neighborhood kids quiet. Of course you’d have to stage the odd hornet attack or two to show it’s not an empty threat…
Anyway, I came across […]


An unspeakable crime!!!

“Tell ME to stop, will you?! TAKE THAT!”

But the signals wait silently, biding their time, lulling us into a false sense of security. Waiting for the perfect moment to spring to action and attack!!

Now they are becoming more brazen…

Mr. Clean’s first ride:

And here’s what a well used one looks like:

See the entire set at The Ultimate Car Page gallery (via Dinosaurs and Robots).
These shots are from the Pebble Beach Councours d’Elegance car show. Absolutely mind blowingly beautiful restorations of some amazing early automobiles. From a time when a trip to town […]

Just came across this great scan of a 1937 Detroit driver’s manual. You can see all 84 pages of it here: The Right To Drive Right. It’s hosted by, a site with a vast wealth of great highway information, data and history. Be sure to check out the rest of the […]

1950 NOS Schwinn?

Nope, this post has little to do with traffic signals or signs (aside from the cyclist’s responsibility of following the laws of the road), but I’m always a sucker for the “old low mileage classic in a barn” story and this is one of them.
Check it out at: Dinosaur and Robots 1950 Schwinn in a […]

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