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Often, less is better

One of my favorite infrastructure ads because of its wonderful simplicity:

The workman carrying the huge metal pole that is light enough to be carried because…. it’s made from Alcoa aluminum

Mr. Clean’s first ride:

And here’s what a well used one looks like:

See the entire set at The Ultimate Car Page gallery (via Dinosaurs and Robots).
These shots are from the Pebble Beach Councours d’Elegance car show. Absolutely mind blowingly beautiful restorations of some amazing early automobiles. From a time when a trip to town […]

As is the way of things, you sometimes need some fresh perspective to see what’s right in front of you. Over my life I’ve probably spent literally hundreds of hours stuck in tunnel traffic. It’s part of doing business in the city unfortunately. What I had never noticed before yesterday though was […]


I noticed quite a few things of interest in this G+W Eagle Signals company advertisement from 1973:

I noticed an avocado green Ford T-bird.
I noticed a baby blue 1968 Dodge Charger R/T.
I noticed three VW bugs.
I noticed the 8-8-12 Econolite short groove/bullseye signal (of course I’m ASSuming it’s a short groove).
I noticed the exposed tube neon […]

Even if you’re not familiar with the Municipal Street Sign Company of Brooklyn, NY, if you’ve ever visited NYC, you’ve most likely laid eyes upon some of their handiwork at one corner or another.
They were also responsible for some of the better known symbols of early 19th century NYC. Examples of which can be […]

Just came across this great scan of a 1937 Detroit driver’s manual. You can see all 84 pages of it here: The Right To Drive Right. It’s hosted by, a site with a vast wealth of great highway information, data and history. Be sure to check out the rest of the […]

Here’s the second part of our thrilling tale. The first part can be found here.
In this installment, I’ll be showing you the roadway as I found it in early March of 2008, 51 years after it last saw traffic.
From the lookout, you can see many of the native eagles and hawks who make the […]

I recently came across this site - Gribble Nation: Lost 9w and was immediately excited beyond all reason to have a section of abandoned historic roadway less than five miles from my driveway. That I never realized it was there (and I’ve been to that exact area before) is a moment of personal shame. […]