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Hudson River Ferries

I’ve got a couple of signs that, living next to the Hudson Valley’s Hudson River, I find of great interest and hopefully you will too.
Prior to bridges and tunnels, the only way across the river (if you wanted to bring your car) was by Ferry. And if you were driving around looking for a […]

Women in traffic

In today’s age of modern ideals and social empathy, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that things were not always so. Women have had to fight tooth and nail to gain the rights that men have always had. So it’s always heartwarming to see pictures from long ago of pioneers in the field of […]

Odd signage

I hope to never be in the place where they found it necessary to erect the following sign…

Although I imagine this would be a great way to keep the neighborhood kids quiet. Of course you’d have to stage the odd hornet attack or two to show it’s not an empty threat…
Anyway, I came across […]

Even if you’re not familiar with the Municipal Street Sign Company of Brooklyn, NY, if you’ve ever visited NYC, you’ve most likely laid eyes upon some of their handiwork at one corner or another.
They were also responsible for some of the better known symbols of early 19th century NYC. Examples of which can be […]

Sure Stop Flapper

Lucked out recently and was able to pick up this rare STOP sign for my collection. It’s called a flapper because it was designed to be mounted on the roadbed and be run over by the vehicles it was indicating. As the tire came off the sign, it would flap back to its […]

Here’s the second part of our thrilling tale. The first part can be found here.
In this installment, I’ll be showing you the roadway as I found it in early March of 2008, 51 years after it last saw traffic.
From the lookout, you can see many of the native eagles and hawks who make the […]

I recently came across this site - Gribble Nation: Lost 9w and was immediately excited beyond all reason to have a section of abandoned historic roadway less than five miles from my driveway. That I never realized it was there (and I’ve been to that exact area before) is a moment of personal shame. […]

Is the Modern Mechanix Blog perhaps the best blog ever? Maybe, maybe. It’s certainly one of the best justifications for the internet (after this blog and midget porn of course).
What I find so compelling about it is that not only does it document a time when the ‘anything is possible’ attitude prevailed, but […]

I’ve always preferred the older state route signs over the US Shield type. I like a nice US Route sign as much as the next guy, but something about the individual state signs really does it for me.
Here’s a recent addition to my collection that I received from a friend, Lary Brown. It’s […]

Do I make you Horni Baby?

Here’s an interesting sign I picked up recently.

Just another run of the mill, porcelain FIRE sign? Maybe.
Then again, maybe not…

Although Horni (like Econolite, AGA, Darley, Crouse Hinds and other signal manufacturers) also trafficked (don’t like my puns, get your own damn website) in signs, I hadn’t seen any actual Horni signs outside of […]