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Women in traffic

In today’s age of modern ideals and social empathy, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that things were not always so. Women have had to fight tooth and nail to gain the rights that men have always had. So it’s always heartwarming to see pictures from long ago of pioneers in the field of […]

Some might say that Art Frahm was a perv with a very narrow kink. There are others who say the moon landings weren’t faked. With such conflicting and diverse opinions, who are we supposed to believe?!
Well rest your weary brains right here my friends. No further thought is necessary. Just look […]

Advertising Art

This is just a lovely piece of work IMO. It’s clear that the GE people really did find their new lightweight signal to be quite fetching. Then again, I’m a huge fan of this type of 1950’s advertising art showing utopian societies with their happy, shining people…

And if you do happen to surf […]

Often, less is better

One of my favorite infrastructure ads because of its wonderful simplicity:

The workman carrying the huge metal pole that is light enough to be carried because…. it’s made from Alcoa aluminum


I noticed quite a few things of interest in this G+W Eagle Signals company advertisement from 1973:

I noticed an avocado green Ford T-bird.
I noticed a baby blue 1968 Dodge Charger R/T.
I noticed three VW bugs.
I noticed the 8-8-12 Econolite short groove/bullseye signal (of course I’m ASSuming it’s a short groove).
I noticed the exposed tube neon […]

Just came across this great scan of a 1937 Detroit driver’s manual. You can see all 84 pages of it here: The Right To Drive Right. It’s hosted by, a site with a vast wealth of great highway information, data and history. Be sure to check out the rest of the […]

Is the Modern Mechanix Blog perhaps the best blog ever? Maybe, maybe. It’s certainly one of the best justifications for the internet (after this blog and midget porn of course).
What I find so compelling about it is that not only does it document a time when the ‘anything is possible’ attitude prevailed, but […]

Here are two newspaper articles from the Chicago area, separated by only three years time.
From the June 18th, 1930 Hamilton Daily News - Chicago:

And from the October 22nd, 1933 NY Times - Chicago:

The first article details how this lady fires upon four policemen (emptying her gun) who have come to arrest her for some prior […]

NYC Subways

Just one of the fascinating accounts of the dangers of subway construction at the turn of the century:

“The first accident occurred in 1905 during the construction of the Battery-Joralemon street tunnel of the first subway. As frequently happens, a “blow-out” took place. That is, the compressed air found a weak spot in the roof of […]

One of the best sources for researching the United States’ transportation history is the Library Of Congress. And one of their very best resources is their online photo gallery which can be found here - LOC-PPOC (Prints & Photographs Online Catalog).
While extensive and very useful, they seem to be made available way too slowly. […]

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