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Caution Optional » Blog Archive » Signal Spotting: CH ADs in the Lincoln Tunnel

As is the way of things, you sometimes need some fresh perspective to see what’s right in front of you. Over my life I’ve probably spent literally hundreds of hours stuck in tunnel traffic. It’s part of doing business in the city unfortunately. What I had never noticed before yesterday though was that the tunnel approaches are teeming with Crouse Hinds Art Decos! The fresh perspective being that this is the first time I was stuck in tunnel traffic with my kids (we were playing I spy).

Lincoln Tunnel CH AD

Fortunately {!!} I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for nearly an hour on the Lincoln Tunnel Expressway (you get on right under the highline) yesterday and was able to snap a close-up of one of the CH ADs. I only noticed them at the 35th & 38th St. overpasses, but they’re probably elsewhere as well.

The 38th St. CH ADs are R/Y/G so do the 35th St. units qualify as the last of the NYC Red/Green signals? I’m guessing probably not since they’re on a tunnel approach and were intended for lane control.

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So keep your eyes open (and cameras handy) out there folks!

Okay, Will Bird’s comment made me take a closer look and he’s absolutely correct, those are 12 inchers. My ‘proof’ is circled in this blow up pic:

6 Responses to “Signal Spotting: CH ADs in the Lincoln Tunnel”

  1. Will Bird Says:

    Not only a remaining R/G (persay) but it also appears to be a 12″ R/G! Probably a model size that never actually graced any intersection in NY! And an even more rare version of the CHAD!

  2. admin Says:

    Will, do you say it’s a 12′er because of the caps where the hinges are? I initially thought that as well, but I seem to recall seeing some 8’s with those ‘caps’. And the lenses look like CH BBs - did they make those in 12?

    Okay, I think you’re right, see post for proof…

  3. Will Bird Says:

    What did it for me was

    1) Those raised/reinforced areas where the hinge screws go

    2) The large disproportionality of the mounting hardware (inch and a half pipe compared to the rest of the body)

    3) The number of “checkers” in that green lens which is far too many to be in an 8″ lens of that pattern

    I also think that the “correct” lenses for the 12″ AD had a pattern similar to that, they were called “conaphore” (at least it sounded like that, i might have the spelling a bit off!).

    [I’m a freak-I know ;-)]

  4. 3liteguy Says:

    Hey there! I have to concur with Will’s observations on the twelve’s as I have in my possesion the infamous CH K (I think was it’s designation). This was most likely a lane control signal and is 12″ er. It bears many of the same structural details as the ones Will pointed out although the body style is way different.


  5. MN-20 Says:

    I wouldn’t consider them to be the last of the two color lights as they weren’t installed by the City. I think some two-color lights are still in service in the Rockaways.

  6. Kilted_Econolite_Nut Says:

    Those are the Type H CH heads… There’s a set above the tunnel that goes under one of the runways @ Sea-Tac International Airport in the Seattle area.


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